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Immence Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd

Immence Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic Pharma Company a group of young, energetic and 1st generation entrepreneur with a combined experience of 25 years  in Pharma domestic and international sales & marketing. Immence Life Sciences operates in niche market of life style management with a vision of providing better care at an affordable cost for the deeper reach of the ailing society. We are a science-led healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. 


Founder & Managing Director:

An entrepreneur, a visionary and most importantly, a humble individual with a compassionate heart, Mr.V.Srikanth is the brain behind Immence Life Sciences Pvt Ltd with extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical industry with a vision to provide innovative products to combat and even retard disease-progression. Under his leadership and able guidance, Immence Life Sciences today has become a force to reckon with in the pharmaceutical industry with its innovative healthcare products. 

Mr.K Jagannath Rao

Managing derector

Management graduate with vast 20 years of experience in pharma sales, OTC sales and pharma operations humble and passionate person and proven track record of performence .Is having the visiion to provide innovative and quality medicines at affordable prices .